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America’s Go-To Fireworks Lawyer offers the pyrotechnics industry a full compliment of legal, business and financial services.

Fireworks: Red Mines

Donald Creadore did not start out to be the ‘go-to’ fireworks lawyer; rather, he earned it. Born outside New York City, his first job out of law school, in 1986, was working for a Senior United States Federal District Court Judge. He continued to hone his legal skills as an associate at a New York City TOP-25 law firm, and went on to form his first law firm in 1995 and, in 1997, tried his first fireworks case against New York City, which he won. His client was so impressed by his legal skills and swift results that they eagerly introduced him to the fireworks industry and, as importantly, remains a valued client.

From this foundation, Donald Creadore has slowly and deliberately developed a robust niche practice successfully representing the entire spectrum of fireworks businesses-from large nationally and internationally-recognizes businesses to one-person operations- in both federal and state civil lawsuits and administrative civil proceedings before, for example, DOT-PHMSA, BATFE, CPSC and DOL. Donald Creadore is regularly retained to represent the interests of uninsured businesses and individuals, both foreign and domestic while, in other instances, he is appointed by insurance companies to represent businesses as carrier counsel. His client list includes fireworks and special effects manufacturers, importers, motor carriers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and commercial property owners.

For companies involved, or desiring to be involved, in the fireworks industry, Donald Creadore has become the ‘go-to’ person for the legal, regulatory and business advice. By reason of the depth and breadth of the relationships developed over two decades, Donald Creadore possesses a 360-degree understanding of the fireworks industry and, as a result, his clients regularly benefit from his valuable insight and counsel. Current clients include fireworks and special effects manufacturers, importers, motor carriers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and property owners.

Enhancing his credibility and expertise is his authorship, since 2001, of the legal column to Fireworks Business, a widely-read industry publication. He is also frequently invited to speak before national and local fireworks organizations. Donald Creadore is also the creator and instructor of Pyro Boot Camp, an intensive 8-hour seminar that provides enrollees with in-depth knowledge of prevailing fireworks laws, regulations and enforcement policies and procedures.

Working out of offices in New York City, Donald Creadore is licensed to practice law in New York, Connecticut, Missouri and the District of Columbia. He also has represented clients in matters arising in, for example, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Michigan, Texas, South Carolina, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana.

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